Privacy explained

This extension makes the best effort possible to protect your privacy. It is restricted to only communicate with the Google Text-to-Speech API service. There is no other cloud component storing or monitoring any activity. This extension only does the following:

  • Sends text to Google's Text-to-Speech API for conversion to an audio file and does NOT log or save the text

  • The audio file is saved temporarily in memory in the Google Chrome browser to support replay

  • The Google Chrome browser will unload the extension and purge the audio file after extension inactivity - exact idle timeout is opaque and controlled by the browser but estimated to be 10-15 minutes

NOTE: Because you must request a developer account and Google API key to use this extension, it is your responsibility to be aware of and adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy and Google APIs Terms of Service.

Extension permissions explained

Network communications

Network communications is restricted to only communicate with the Google Text-to-Speech API domain:

Context Menu

This permission allows you to select text in a webpage, then right-click to see a menu. In that menu, you'll see a ReadMeTheText item that will send just the selected plain text to the extension over https to Google's Text-to-Speech service. No access to any other content on the page is granted.

NOTE: You will be using your own Text-to-Speech API key. Google API service logs the text you send to it. Since you are using your own Google Cloud account, log data access is restricted to you and Google. This extension cannot access that log.

Chrome Settings Sync

If you have Google Chrome browser Settings Sync enabled, your quota and basic settings will be synced across multiple machines when you're logged into Chrome. This feature is to help track your usage of the Text-to-Speech service across machines.

These settings synced include the number of characters sent to the API and your basic settings but NOT your API Key since that is considered sensitive information.

NOTE: See Google Chrome Privacy Notice regarding the Chrome Sync feature.

Read Clipboard (Optional)

If you ever get a page that takes over the right-click context menu, you can simply copy the text into your clipboard, then use a button in the extension to read it. You will be prompted to grant permissions before the extension can read your clipboard.

NOTE: The clipboard contains more information than the Context Menu since it reads the richer HTML content.

Open Source Project

The source for this extension is free and openly available on github under the MIT license.